Da Rules – Updated

  1. One story must be written every day.
  2. Each story has to be completed within 24 hours.
    • Time starts from the beginning of the previous story.
    • If a new story is begun in less than 24 hours, time begins then, not at the end of that previous story’s period.
    • If, for whatever reason, a 24-hour window is missed, two stories must be written within the next timeframe, PLUS an additional story for penance.
    • After the 24 hour mark has been passed, a story absolutely may not be edited or revisited till after the 365 day mark.
  3. Each story must be exactly 365 words in length.
    • If more than one word is joined by hyphens, each part counts as a word as if the hyphens were not present (i.e. “years-old” is two words; “down-on-their-luck” is four).
    • Each word of a number is its own word (in either form presented, i.e. “372” or “three hundred seventy-two” is four words).
    • Contractions are one word – even those that contract more than two words.
    • Turns out that Microsoft Word sometimes counts an ellipsis or a dash as one word. If you put spaces between the periods, it counts each space as a word. These do not count for the purposes of the challenge. So watch out for that.



  • Use as little reference as possible.
  • Avoid hard curse words.
    • Also explicit descriptions of sex and sex related acts, objects, etc.
  • Just write from that day.
    • It’s fine to take notes about a potential future story, but try as often as possible to come up with the entire concept and execute it within that 24 hour window.


Update For Year Three:

  • I’ve completely abandoned the idea of writing without music. In fact, I’ll click on Spotify before Scrivener now (just because it takes a little longer to load).
  • Partly to give myself a challenge, and partially to give my SO some relief, I’m limiting myself in Year Three to write no “on-screen” deaths. A story can be plenty scary without gore, and sometimes they’re made less scary by its inclusion, so I have high hopes that this will improve the project, at least for this year.

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A Note About Year Two

Hello.  It’s been a while.  You’re looking good.  Not that you looked bad before, just… um…

Happy New Year!  Following absolutely no kind of traditional calendar, each first week of April, I begin a new year of this project.  On April 3rd I closed Year Two, and the next day, I was opening up a new document and not quite believing that I typed the words “365 Year Three.”

It’s been a strange time.  Year Two was full of ignorance and rejection – on the twin frontiers of publishing and common sense – but there’s plenty in Year Three that I’m looking forward to – personally and, hopefully, professionally.

Keep checking back.  I may even post some more stories.




My First Positive Review

Wow! I was hoping I’d get good feedback on these stories, but I never dreamed that I’d get a positive review from someone I admire as much as Demarcus Minnifield – and on his extremely first time visiting, too! It’s a real honor to see that my work is being appreciated. Hopefully, if I preserve up the great operate – or “keep up the good work,” as we laymen like to say – the positive reviews will just keep rolling in!

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Making It To 100

As I’m posting my 33rd story here, I’ve actually just reached the milestone of having written 100 stories in as many days, and I actually took a moment to self-congratulate, as I rarely do.

Although I haven’t been as vigilant about writing once every 24 hours as I’d hoped, I’ve made it this far, and I’m looking forward to the remaining 265 days in the project. If things have gone to weird places so far, I can only guess that it will just get stranger as the year progresses.

Wait, 25 to 91? That can’t be right…

You’re mostly right, thinking that. I kind of slacked posting my old stories while I was away from work for a week. So how do I make it up to you, as-yet-hypothetical reader? By posting to catch us up, then giving you a special treat – a look into THE FUTURE. DUH DUH DUUHHHHHH. This was the most recent story that I wrapped up, the subject for which was requested/suggested by a friend. Hopefully you enjoy the subject matter as much as she did.

What It’s All About

I, like most people who consider themselves Writers, have historically encountered two obstacles to claiming that title:

  1. I’ve never actually, technically been paid to write.*
  2. I sometimes go years between writing.*

* E-mails, status updates, and postings for my job don’t count, as eloquent as they may sometimes be.

Sure, I’ve had glimpses of success, like that shining moment of first being published in a third grade Reflections contest and coming in 2nd place in a short story contest held by the Dictionary’s Twitter account, but in general it’s been a pretty discouraging lifetime of trying to write (and write well).  It was too easy to go from August 2011 to March 2014 without writing anything worth having been written, let alone read.

If I’ve learned anything from Sun Tzu (I haven’t), it’s that you have to use extreme force to create change.  What’s the best way to make sure I start writing again?  “Gradually ease your way back into it over a reasonable amount of time,” you say?  Don’t tell me what to do!  I’ll do it my way!  Because I’m stupid, and that’s what stupid people do. Continue reading