A Note About Year Two

Hello.  It’s been a while.  You’re looking good.  Not that you looked bad before, just… um…

Happy New Year!  Following absolutely no kind of traditional calendar, each first week of April, I begin a new year of this project.  On April 3rd I closed Year Two, and the next day, I was opening up a new document and not quite believing that I typed the words “365 Year Three.”

It’s been a strange time.  Year Two was full of ignorance and rejection – on the twin frontiers of publishing and common sense – but there’s plenty in Year Three that I’m looking forward to – personally and, hopefully, professionally.

Keep checking back.  I may even post some more stories.




Making It To 100

As I’m posting my 33rd story here, I’ve actually just reached the milestone of having written 100 stories in as many days, and I actually took a moment to self-congratulate, as I rarely do.

Although I haven’t been as vigilant about writing once every 24 hours as I’d hoped, I’ve made it this far, and I’m looking forward to the remaining 265 days in the project. If things have gone to weird places so far, I can only guess that it will just get stranger as the year progresses.