Posting Again! I Guess!

It’s, uh… it’s been a while. I missed you. How have you been?

In the last post, I explained how I wasn’t going to be posting here anymore because publishers don’t like re-publishing things that have already been published. WELL I GUESS I LIED.

To be clear, that’s still the case in the publishing industry, but as it becomes increasingly clear that publishers and agents are not especially interested in the stories anyway, I may as well throw them out there for you lovely people. (I assume you’re lovely, but even if you’re hideous, please enjoy. Imagine the characters are hideous like you, not the idealized versions that everybody else is envisioning.)

Click around, find something you like. Maybe you’ll want to check out one of the new posts:

Maybe you’re really behind, or you’re entirely new.  In that case, I’d suggest:

Moral of the not-a-story: I guess I’ll be posting updates here every so often. Not every day, like the glory days, but maybe once a week or so. Maybe not necessarily in order, either. Who knows?


*Except for Da Rules.

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