Day 131 – The Evidence Report

Chicago Police Department
Date: December 24th, 1933
Evidence Number: 01503

Physical Description: “Tommy”-style machine gun. Black. No manufacturer information or serial number present (filed off). White “X” painted on magazine drum. Twelve rounds present in magazine, plus one in chamber (total of thirteen unfired bullets loaded in gun).

Source: Taken from the body of former police officer and suspected current gangster Michael O’Halloran, that man having walked into police headquarters and subsequently fired several shots into his own head from this very weapon.

Notes: Appears to match descriptions of a “Tommy” gun belonging to deceased capo Thomas “Big Shot Tommy” Malone, who used it in a number of gangland executions (noted below as thoroughly as possible), until his death during the December 25th, 1932 shootout at Malone’s family-run grocery between his own outfit and a rival gang run by Antonio Spaniolo (labeled by newspapers as the “Christmas Day Massacre”), during which the weapon went missing, presumed taken by a surviving member of “Big Shot’s” gang, seen fleeing the scene by the first officer to arrive, Patrolman O’Halloran.

Reports of the infamous gun surfaced weeks after the shootout, being used by an unknown, masked gunman (now presumed to be O’Halloran) to execute members of the Spaniolo gang, who were taking advantage of their near-monopoly in the wake of Malone’s death. Over the course of the following months, rumors of the gun took on supernatural tones, as witnesses reported the masked gunman speaking with the weapon, and it whispering in response. Targets of the masked gunman exclusively included individuals either known, or found, to have worked for the Spaniolo mob.

After bringing almost all gangster activity to a halt by Labor Day of this year, incidents of the masked gunman using the weapon in question became rare, though rumors of a similar individual and gun were published, placing both in New York City during the week of Thanksgiving. The individual reported killed there was a known associate of the late “Big Shot Tommy” Malone. Neither gun nor gunman were seen again, until O’Halloran’s suicide.

Relevant Case(s): (Noted on attached pages, as room here was insufficient.)

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