Day 48 – The Dungeon Crawl

Zenith materialized from the shadows in the cave entrance. “There’s a group of thieves hiding inside, with plenty of traps between us and them.” Her companions steeled themselves for the task ahead. Alfanduil nocked an arrow to her enchanted bow; Magnus recharged his staff with a mystic crystal; and Broll stared at several pieces of equipment scattered across the ground.

“Hold up, guys. I can’t figure out which helmet to wear,” he said, sorting through armor.

“Which do you think most useful? Perhaps that which is hardened against attacks by knife?” offered Alfanduil.

“Yeah, that one’s pretty good, but what if there’s, like, a magic guy in there? Then again, this one protects from poison.” Broll scratched his long, dwarven beard.

Zenith sighed and pulled up her hood and disappeared back into the cave. The adventurers followed, with Broll grumbling to himself as he went. “Now if one of them is next to me, I can use my Unbreakable Footing stance, but if he moves, I can’t forget the Dwarven Might reaction I can use.”

“You know you don’t actually have to announce all your attacks,” helped Magnus.

“I know, but it helps me keep track of what I’ve used,” said Broll.

The conversation clearly distracted Magnus from his attempts to check for tripwires, and he caused darts to begin firing from every cave wall. “Nine Hells!” he screamed, feeling significantly weaker.

Broll knocked on his helmet, smiling. “Told you there’d be poison.”

Magnus said something unintelligible as the two caught up with their companions, hiding at the edge of an opening. “Beyond, there are a dozen thieves,” explained Zenith. “Most of them look like no trouble–”

Before she could finish with, “but their leader could take us apart,” the dwarf had charged forward, screaming “It’s time to Broll!” The rest of the party shouted obscenities at him and joined the fracas that followed.

A thief stabbed at Broll, then tried to move on to Magnus, but Broll shouted, “Wait, stop, I have a thing for this. Mighty… Something.”

A disembodied voice boomed through the cavern: “We can’t stop every time you forget how your powers work.”

Broll shouted back, “You’re the worst DM ever.”

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