Day 49 – The Ghost And The Convict

The Ghost sat cross-legged in the air as the Convict finally asked: “Will it hurt?”

The Ghost shook his head. “Oh, no. Not really. It’s more like falling asleep than anything. Everything just sort of loses focus, and then when it’s so blurry that it’s dark, there’s a bright light. I know how it sounds, but that whole light thing is for real.”

The Convict shifted on his cot. “Then why are you here? With the light and everything, why are you haunting this cell?”

The Ghost floated a little toward the door. “Unfinished business is what most people say, right? I guess I have more than most. I was innocent when they executed me, you know. Wrongfully convicted. Happens more than you’d think.”

The Convict chuckled. “Yeah, I’m innocent, too.”

The Ghost made a tut-tut sound. “I’m sorry to hear that. That’s most of what I’ve done here, you know. Listen. Turns out I can’t touch much. I can maybe lift a pencil or blow a breeze, but I’m not one of those poltergeists that can stack furniture. So mostly I just listen. Anything you’d want me to hear?”

The Convict scowled. “I got nothing to say. Doesn’t matter anyway. I’ll be dead before the end of the week.”

The Ghost floated closer. “Might be good to get it off your chest. Might not be able to again, you know.”

The Convict waved him away. “Leave me alone. I got nothing to say.”

The Ghost clapped his painfully cold hands to the sides of the Convict’s face. “That was your last chance. You blew it. You could have told me about the girl. The one they don’t know about. You could have confessed, and it would have made things better. Easier, at least. But you didn’t. And now I have to do my job. I can’t touch much, but I can blow an air bubble into an IV. Unfortunately I lied before. That will hurt. A lot. And it will just go on hurting afterward. You could have confessed, but you didn’t. Goodbye now. We won’t see each other again.”

Then the Ghost was gone, and the Convict wished he could weep.

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