Day 27 – The Dog Star

“Again the pup must tell me history,” said Grayed Elder, kneading the bedseat’s cushion till it fit his him to his liking.

Young Redspot huffed. “I am no pup! When again cold the sky grows, it will be my second among The People. I am enough grown to see history matters none.”

Grayed Elder yawned and licked the sides of his mouth. “If so the pup thinks, not grown he is. He who sees nothing behind, he sees nothing ahead.”

Young Redspot looked down, shamed and angry. He began reciting what could be dug from memory. “In the time before The People ruling, The Masters were. Out of The People, those who showed belly and lowered head, these were given luxury. Out of The People, those who ran free, these were chained, these were caged. In the time before The People ruling, great prosperity was. Also great fear was.”

“The Masters’ fate was?”

“The Culling came. The Culling must come to all masters. Where before many Masters were, then few were. These left The People. The Masters flew into the sky. Never The Masters will return.” A thought occurred to Young Redspot. “Grayed Elder, in their travel, others of us The Masters will find? The People in the sky, this can be?”

“Such a thing, it can be,” sighed Grayed Elder.

“The People in the sky, they will be chained? They will be caged?”

“Such a thing, it must be. The Masters’ nature is to be masters. Control and abuse The Masters know. Loyalty and goodness The People know.”
“The Masters’ route through the sky, this The People know,” said Young Redspot. “To the Dog Star.”

“Not to any Ape Star The Masters flew. Fitting it is, The Masters fled to stars that look like The People. The People’s nature is good. The People’s nature is to follow The Masters.”

“We will go to The Masters,” said Young Redspot, finally understanding. “The People will show The Masters how to be masters.”

Grayed Elder smiled. “Young Redspot sees behind. He can see ahead. Today we must sleep. The someday, of this we must dream.” With that, the two dogs curled up on the bedseat and slept.

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