Day 175 – The Dragon Vault

Reaching the end of the dozen or so forms, the Director slid them neatly into one of the folders in an ancient filing cabinet. “It seems everything is in order,” he said. “I suppose you will want to see exactly what it is you will be doing.”

Truth be told Elo was fascinated with what the job was, exactly. The job posting had been vague, but the pay was enticing enough that she had not cared. The Director stood and headed for the door, motioning for Elo to follow. They proceeded down a long, nondescript hallway.

“The Knobs Corporation is actually an acronym. The fact that you are American did factor slightly in your favor, if I am being honest, because I was simply tired of all the snickering from our British employees. KNOBS stands for Knights of the Broken Stone, the modern incarnation of a rather ancient order,” the Director explained.

Goosebumps began to prickle over Elo’s arms and neck, and not just because the Director’s story had the elements of a grander mystery waiting to be revealed. There was something electric in the air as they reached the end of the hallway. A uniformed guard waited next to a giant door.

“This is Gabriel, whose shift immediately precedes yours. Gabriel, this is Elo, our newest employee.”

Elo attempted to shake Gabriel’s hand, but something invisible kept her from proceeding past what she now noticed was an ornate ring inlaid in the floor around the guard.

“Ah, yes. You have yet to complete your orientation. You will get clearance to proceed later,” said the Director, signing the two of them in on a clipboard Gabriel held forward. A loud lock cranked open within the door.

On the other side was a room that could not have fit in the building Elo had entered. Lining its impossibly high and long walls were rows of small, gilded drawers, each little wider than Elo’s hand.

“Our organization has, for the last few millennia, clandestinely gathered and stored the souls of every dragon who has ever menaced humanity’s ongoing existence. It will be your duty to keep unauthorized persons from entering this vault. Do you have any questions?”

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