Day 168 – The Autobiography

The old computer had long since yellowed, its plastic never intended to sit in a den next to a bay window for over twenty years. Most of its keys still worked, although TK had to jab the G and Caps Lock with particular fury at times. To TK’s great relief, the ancient machine was never slowed by lack of memory.

The teenager pounded away at the keys as Grandpa narrated. “Well into her seventies, Rose never lost her passions for life and for living it to the fullest. What many would consider insurmountable obstacles, she saw only as challenges. Rose was determined to expand her faculties as long as they were present. She took classes at the local YMCA on any number of subjects – gardening, cooking, computing, even tae kwon do or somesuch Oriental art. You gotta put periods after Y, M, C, and A, Todd.”

“I will in a minute, Grandpa. Just keep going. This is good stuff. Except for the fact that you called Koreans ‘Orientals.’”

“I can’t do that?” Grandpa seemed surprised.

“It’s racist, Grandpa. I’m going to change that, too. I’m letting you know now.”

“I guess you get to write it as you hear it, kid.”

“Keep going, Grandpa.”

“Rose kept as active as she could physically, as well as mentally. Even into her last week on Earth, she was as much of a hellcat in the bedroom as she had been when she was a newlywed.”

“Nope. I take it back. Don’t keep going, Grandpa.”

“You don’t have to be a prude. Sex is a natural part of life, Todd.”

“Not my grandparents’.”

“How do you think you got here? Just let me finish. Rose died utterly undefeated by life. Adventurous. Ferocious. Beautiful. The greatest person that I have ever known. It is the greatest honor of my life to have spent a moment with her.” He breathed a heavy sigh. “Delete it, Todd.”

“What?” TK said. “No. You spent four years writing this.”

“Delete it, Todd. She wouldn’t have wanted us to dwell.”

Todd stared, mouth open, as Grandpa walked over to the computer, closed the file, and dragged it to the trash.

“Just doing it was enough.”

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