Day 144 – The Knights’ Gossip

With grave, honorious bows did the pair of knights mark the passage of their lord, the Earl of Leftwich, through his most prestigious of vaulted halls. Upon his exit from their proximity, the honorable Sir Braithwaite did pronounce: “Dude, did I tell you the lame job he gave me the other day?”

The noble companion to this Sir Braithwaite, Sir Degaine, did counter: “Bro, I couldn’t believe it then, and I can’t believe it now.”

“He wanted me to guard the horses. I was almost like, ‘Dude, I’ve been busting my ass for you for four years, and you’re gonna tell me to guard the horses?’”

“You shoulda said it, bro. Shoulda just told him right to his stupid face.”

“Dude, I almost did. I mean, I was like this close.”

“Guy thinks he’s like the King or something, bro.”

“Dude, the King – man, did you hear where he’s going now?”

“I did not, and you gotta tell me.”

“Straight up Spain, yo. Thinks he’s gonna find the Grail and whatnot.”

“Irresponsible, bro.”

“Totally irresponsible! That’s just what I was thinking, dude. We got all sorts of problems right here at home, and this guy is spending mad money to run off to another country just to find some cup, dude. Totally irresponsible.”

“Totally. Probably thinks that Beast is there, too, bro.”

“That Beast is totally nowhere except his smacked out head, dude. You can’t hunt some Beast if you don’t even know if it exists.”

“How are you supposed to find its trail? Totally impossible, bro.”

“Dude, that’s what I told Annabeth. You know Annabeth, right? Chick who works the kitchen. About yea high. Super hot, except one eye is a little off, you know?”

“Oh, right, yeah. She’s alright, bro.”

“So I told her about the whole Spain business, and she was all like, ‘Why aren’t you going with the King?’”

“Like you can just go to Spain whenever you want.”

“Exactly. I’ve got responsibilities here, dude.”

And so their exchange did continue with little abatement, save a pause to bow at the sight of the most venerated Lady of House Leftwich, after whose passing their conversing did fall upon scurrilous rumors thereabout.

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