Day 125 – The FAQ Page

Frequently Asked Questions

What is FeelBack™?
FeelBack™™ is a technology that allows you to experience the fantasies others are having about you in a real-time, shared erotic encounter.

So I’ll actually feel it?
Yes. Just as you perceive all your interactions in Life® in a tangible, physical way, you will be able to feel these fantasies come alive.

How does it work?
When Life® was designed, its creators very carefully worked to separate the signals governing conscious action (movement, speech, etc.) and unconscious thought (reflection, daydreaming, etc.). The makers of FeelBack™ designed it to allow a very specific type of unconscious thought – i.e. fantasizing – to pass through that filter.

What can I expect to experience?
For the most part, FeelBack™ users report experiencing a series of passing, momentary glimpses of erotic interaction with other Life® users they encounter. Because the basis of FeelBack™ is unconscious thought, interactions rarely last more than a few seconds.

Which users’ fantasies will I experience?
FeelBack™ is not restricted by proximity, nor does FeelBack™ have to be activated on another user’s Life® account for you to experience his or her fantasy. So any Life® user who has interacted with you, even in passing, might be fantasizing about you at any moment.

What are the requirements for using FeelBack™?
FeelBack™ adheres to all the Terms of Service for every Life® user. That being said, FeelBack™ is designed for consenting adults. Please consult our own Terms of Service.

Do I need to create a new Life® profile to use FeelBack™?
No. FeelBack™ is an add-on that you can apply to your existing Life® profile.

How do I remove FeelBack™?
There is currently no way to remove FeelBack™ from an ongoing Life® profile. If you wish to experience Life® without FeelBack™, you will need to create a new profile.

Can I filter out certain types of fantasies?
FeelBack™ is designed for pleasure, but we recognize that pleasure comes in many different varieties. While FeelBack™ may offer options to screen out specific, unwanted fantasy in the future, there is no way to do so currently. We encourage our users to be open to new experiences. Go out there and have fun!

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