Day 117 – The Space Gospel

Hear ye now, Children, the Truth as ye must know it! Revelation passed to us and ours by dusty-eyed Spirits of Time in the Age of Infancy, when we knew not of Futures nor Hopes.

Forever and anon ago, arrive within this Disc did the Star King, He whose face shines life upon his Children each day. He whose laughter is heat and whose wink is radiation. Give ye Thanks up to the Star King, for from Him flows all Power in the Disc! Stood He at the hatching of Time in the black Heavens Sea and with divine fingers swirled Life about in it. Ten Giants did He draw up from the blackness, to attend Him as he woke. Ten thousand lesser Courtiers did He scatter about him, to safeguard his Disc as he slept.

For an Age and ten Generations, as decreed the Star King, so went his subjects. Watch ye, then, for the ways of Rebellion! Recall ye that it might infect the Hearts of all things! A warping sickness, which bends the Righteous from good ways and makes them to toil in the Gardens of Folly. Such arrogance bred in the Hearts of the Giants, urging them to throw the Star King from this Disc and cluster themselves on His Throne. Rush upon Him did they, forgetting it was He that pulled their stuffs from the mire of the Before Time.

Fire and Apocalypse are His ways! Ruination his tools! Forget ye not, Children, by whose Grace we swim today! Twisted Giants were struck by fists brimming with deleterious fission, tearing their evil Hearts from their chests. But think ye not that the Star King knows no Mercy, nor the value of Example. He sowed these corrupted pieces of Flesh across His Disc in careful alignment. Set about these Hearts select Eyes of the Giants did He.

Touched He the Hearts and pressed life within, and here we are, His Children. As it is to the Eyes to spin about our heads, it is ours to remember the lessons against Rebellion as we swim the gaseous veinery of a foolish Giant.

Praise in all things to the almighty Star King!

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