Day 114 – The Shipwrecked

Kate burst up, her hair plastered in stripes across her face giving her the impression of a tigerfish, a look completed by the way her mouth moved, heaving air into her lungs as she pulled Brian the rest of the way to the surface. He wheezed and sputtered, but he looked like he could stay afloat on his own, so she started swimming toward large chunks of debris nearby. She held onto a door and kicked it back the hundred or so feet to Brian, and they rested half on it. It seemed cliché somehow, but neither was prepared to take issue with providence.

Then Brian jerked his head up and waved it sideways spastically. “She’s still in there!” he shouted. “She’s gonna drown! We gotta go get her!”

“Hey!” Kate yelled. He snapped to face her, his eyes still wide, but at least they were now focused on the single point of her face. “She’s gone.”

“No!” He was shaking his head again. “She was in the bathroom! Those are sealed! She’d still have enough air. She’s still alive!”

“Doesn’t matter. It’s too far down.”

“I can make it!”

“Even if you could hold your breath as far as where she is–”

“I can make it!”

“Even if you could fill your lungs at the bottom–”

“I can make it!”

“The ship’s sinking! Further down every second. You won’t make it back. Neither of you will.”

“I have to try, don’t I? She’s my wife! I love her!”

“And I love you!” Kate screamed. Brian looked as shocked as Kate was sure she did. But now there was no taking it back. “Don’t leave me alone out here. I’m already losing my best friend, and if you don’t come back, I’ll lose you, too. She’s gone, but you don’t have to go.”

Even as wet as his face was, Kate could see Brian was crying. Weeping. She maneuvered around the edge of the door to place an arm around him. “She’s gone,” Kate repeated, running her fingers through his hair, till he pushed her away.

Neither said another word, even hours later, as they were lifted into a helicopter and flown away.

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