Day 65 – The Women In The Woods

You can find three women in the woods. They can determine your fate, but finding them will not be easy, and once you have there will be a cost.

To get there you must pass several challenges. In the first ring of the woods, you will encounter the Forgetting Mist. Some poison in the air, be it from a venomous plant or the heavy mist, will cause you to forget your purpose. You will begin to question why you are in the woods at all, and you will wish to turn back. Whatever means you can devise to press on, they must outmaneuver yourself at your most stubborn.

In the second ring of the woods, you will navigate the Maze of Broken Buildings. The debris of a thousand structures erected by man, stretching its entire history, have fallen together to create a labyrinth that combines confusion and despair to maddening effect. There is no map, as the things that man creates are destroyed in new and unpredictable ways each day.

The final ring will seem simple, but it is by far the most treacherous. You will pass through the woods where the Killing Thing lurks. While you travel, you will hear the cry of something dying. You will likely see it being killed. Do not try and save the victim, whatever it is. More importantly, do not attract the attention of the killer, whatever it is. What you see may be real, or it may not. This should not effect your intervention.

You will emerge on a park, both desolate and beautiful, where the three women stand around a low pillar. Give the woman who is blindfolded a vial of your blood and your first memory. Give the woman who wears earphones a vial of your tears and your favorite song. Give the woman who is gagged a vial of your more essential fluid and your last words.

Once you have done this, if they are satisfied, the women will turn to the pillar. On it is a telephone. They will dial a number that belongs only to you and hand you the receiver. What you hear is yours alone. Then your quest is done.

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