Day 46 – The Superheroes

Things were looking rather grim for Captain Jakeson Wind and his partner, Rocket Snake.

The crime fighting team had uncovered information in an otherwise routine apprehension of some bank robbers that their old foe, Coelophysis, was back in town and planning something big. Rocket Snake managed to engineer a transmitter from the bank robbers’ walkie talkie that could be plugged into one of Jakeson’s Wind Watches, telling them exactly where the rest of the criminal gang was hiding.

The villains’ signal led the pair to a cave outside of town, where a baker’s dozen robot soldiers had made camp. Jakeson sprinted to the evil lair’s entrance, firing off a tornado from Blue Wind Watch to take out the half on the left, while Rocket Snake launched a hissing missile for each villain who remained.

Time was of the essence, so Captain Wind activated Orange Wind Watch, propelling himself down the cave’s length at the speed of a tornado, while Rocket Snake throttled his propulsion pack to full burn to avoid the cave’s robotic laser defenses.

In the central cavern, from atop a pedestal of dastardly science, Coelophysis glared at his assailants.

Pointing Green Wind Watch at the evil dinosaur, Captain Wind pronounced: “We have you cornered, Coelophysis. Give up.”

“You foolsss!” spat the villain. “You mussst have forgotten the firssst rule of how the Coelophysssisss huntsss!”

“In packs,” whispered Jakeson. “But that means–”

“Yes,” said Coelophysis, smiling a reptilian smile as he slipped into a portal that suddenly opened behind him. “He’s coming.” The portal closed behind him.

With Coelophysis no longer there to mentally control his lair’s automated defenses, lasers began firing wildly in every direction, and the cave started to collapse around the heroes’ heads. Rocket Snake activated his emergency fuel cell, grabbing Captain Wind as he flew out of the cave’s maw just as it imploded with a thunderous shudder.

“What did he mean,” panted Rocket Snake, “‘He’s coming?’”

“Who’s the one villain that Coelophysis calls master? The one enemy who always claimed he’d come back, even after we defeated him?”

“You don’t mean–” gasped Rocket Snake.

“Yes,” Jakeson said, clenching his jaw. “We have to prepare for the return… of Tacklebox!”

I was inspired to write something that channeled my childhood fantasies, stories, and fascinations, but tell it in a relatively grown-up way. Treat these crazy concepts, like a Wind Watch (which is basically just a toy watch whose body has fallen out, so it’s a strap with an empty circle where the face would be), with total seriousness. I specifically focused stories from second grade, then filled in some stuff that sounded like what I would have come up with at that time. It’s not nearly as fun as Axe Cop (copyright Ethan and Malachi Nicolle), but it was a nice trip down memory lane for me.

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