Day 44 – The Death Of A Hero


Assembly Room

Year Five, Day Two Hundred


STRANGLE paces near TRANSLATOR’s coffin, speaks inaudibly.


MERCURIAL:           What’d you say?


STRANGLE:              I said, “We need a response.”


MARKER:                  Is now really the best time?


STRANGLE:              We have to strike back while we can.


APEXIATE:               Temper leads down a path that burns.


STRANGLE:              You seem pretty damn calm for someone whose wife is in that box.


APEXIATE:               Yes! My wife! If I, who loved Lexie like none of you could, can put my anger aside, we all can. Rage accomplishes nothing.


STRANGLE:              It accomplishes everything.


STEADFAST:            Enough.


Momentary silence.


STEADFAST:            How would you solve this crisis, Strangle?


STRANGLE:              It’s a matter of power. Power we need to face what’s coming.


MERCURIAL:           What’s coming?


STRANGLE:              Marcus – you heard Translator’s last words.


MARKER:                  “We will reap what we have sown. Our reward comes. Harrowing.”


MERCURIAL:           Dear God. What’s a Harrowing?


FLIGHT:                     A breaker of planets.


STEADFAST:            Flight, you have experience with this Harrowing?


FLIGHT:                     It is something for which none of you is prepared.


STRANGLE:              Not yet.


STEADFAST:            Seems you two are hiding something from the rest of the team.


STRANGLE:              Like I said: power. I know where we can get it.


MERCURIAL:           Where?


STRANGLE:              Through the Blue Portal.


APEXIATE:               You’re insane. The cost for such a thing would be —


STRANGLE:              Worth it.


MERCURIAL:           But Angela destroyed The Key.


STEADFAST:            Unless she didn’t.


FLIGHT pulls THE KEY from her belt, opens a BLUE PORTAL.


STRANGLE:              We’re going. Come if you want.


MERCURIAL:           It sounds to me like the only way. You coming, Marshall?


APEXIATE:               I refuse to risk the humanity my wife so adored in such a gamble.


STRANGLE:              Marcus?


MARKER:                  I go where the boss goes.


STRANGLE:              Claire?


STEADFAST:            What you plan to do is evil. I beg you to reconsider.


STRANGLE:              You’ll thank us. See you on the other side.




APEXIATE:               This has been a day full of that sound. The sound of something beautiful breaking.


STEADFAST places a hand on APEXIATE’s shoulder.


MARKER:                  Hey, look. Translator’s recorder is still working. Huh.


STEADFAST:            Turn it off. We’ll never feel nostalgic about today.


End Recording.

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