Day 160 – The Bouncer

(Author’s Note: Warning. Despite my efforts to omit profanity from this project, I found it necessary for this story to contain ‘the b word.’ And it’s not ‘butts.’)

The line stretched past the club’s corner and halfway down the next block, but when Sofia strutted toward the door, the sea of red velvet ropes parted before her. She kissed the bouncer on the cheek and winked at the common people waiting. Most of them had the sense not to make a fuss. Not the guy at the front of the line.

He pointed with muscles tense. “Come on! We’ve been here forty-five minutes already! Let us in!”

The bouncer looked straight ahead, expressionless. “We’re at capacity.”

“Then she can’t go in either! Come on!”

The bouncer remained impassive.

“How about I call the fire marshal to come see if it’s over capacity.”

The bouncer remained still. “Sir, if you continue being belligerent, I’m going to have to ask you to leave.”

“Belligerent? I’ll show you belligerent! I’m gonna sue! Discrimination!”

The bouncer turned his head to the man. “Sir, please step out of line.”

“And what if I won’t? What are you gonna do about it, tough guy?” The guy flexed, puffing himself up like a cobra.

“Me? Nothing.”

“That’s right, you little bitch.”

The bouncer cracked open the door and called inside. “Frank!”

When the door swung open, everyone in line took an involuntary step back. Out lumbered what could have easily been a gorilla, shaved and put in a suit. Frank approached the troublemaker. A hand like a steamroller produced a dented clicker counter. “Do you know what this is?”

The man was quieter but still flexing. “Yeah, yeah. You’re at capacity.”

Frank shook his head. “This is the number of people I’ve removed from the club over the years. If you say another word, I click this button.”

“You-” was all that got out before one of Frank’s paws pulled the guy’s belt forward and the other pushed his face back. Everyone waiting watched Frank drag him into the alley nearby and heard what sounded like a sledgehammer hitting steak.

Frank walked back to the door a minute later and clicked his counter. “Let his friends in, and give them some free drinks. They deserve it for putting up with that guy.”

Four people silently filed into the club.

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