Day 139 – The Good Cops

“Who are these guys?”

“Here’s a disk with all the case files we have on them. Which is a lot.

“Skim it.”

“The basics: two detectives. Esteban ‘Spanish Gold’ Jimenez, thirty-two, and Malcolm ‘Shotgun’ Johnson, forty-three. Both made it through high school in the bad part of town, then joined the force. Ran up the ladder quick, and they got partnered together because nobody else could stand them.”

“And why are these two a problem for us?”

“Because they play by the rules.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“Spotless records, both of them. Commendations from their superior officers, the mayor – hell, even their local congressman gave them shout out a few months ago after a major bust.”

“Then why haven’t I heard of them by now?”

“Because they look like they’re straight out of the ‘hood. Which, of course, they are. Shotgun looks like Samuel L. Jackson, from his ‘fro days but on steroids, and you won’t see Spanish Gold in a suit even on the day they put him in the ground. Hell, even their names scream ‘unprofessional.’”

“What’s with the names?”

“Well, Shotgun’s what you think. It’s been his weapon of choice for a decade. Story goes that a gang wanted him gone while he was still a beat cop, sent a couple of thugs over to his place in the middle of the night.”

“And he shot ‘em.”

“Hell, no. He beat them all half to death with it like it was a baseball bat. He’s been busting crackheads’ noses with it ever since.”

“And the Mexican?”

“He’s actually Honduran… sir. Word is that he can sniff out any hidden evidence in a crime scene. Unnatural instincts, they say. Plus he got a handful of gold teeth to replace some knocked out when he was a kid.”

“They sound like a pair of jackasses.”

“Yeah, but their conviction rate is through the roof. Most of the cops hate them, because most of the cops love us, but the people in the neighborhood can’t get enough of these characters. They’re like local Robin Hoods or something.”

“Yeah, and you know what happened to Robin Hood?”

“What’s that, boss?”

“He died.”

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