Day 89 – The Immigration Officer Pamphlet

Admittance Procedures for New Arrivals

As an Immigration Officer (IO) within the Quarantine / Transition Zone (QTZ), you will be tasked with ensuring that all Potential Immigrants (PIs) enter the borders of Bastion City legally and safely. Though you will be assigned a specialty by your administrator, you should be familiar with the procedures required for each stage of the immigration process.


Credential Verification
PIs may not be admitted without the following*:

  • Personal identification, issued by Department of Citizens (DoC)
  • Temporary living permit, issued by Department of Naturalization (DoN)
  • Bloodline authentication papers, issued by Department of Genealogy (DoG)

*The authenticity of any and all documents can be verified by consulting training manuals and appropriate reference materials provided by your administrator.


Physical Examination
PIs must submit to the following sanitization procedures:

  • All clothing will be surrendered and destroyed.
  • Full chemical bath will destroy any external viruses, parasites, etc.
  • Comprehensive body scan will identify any internal illnesses, abnormalities, etc.
  • Radiation bombardment will remove any found afflictions.
  • Any remaining hair will be removed by hand by an IO.**

**Sedation is voluntary for the removal of eyelashes. PIs who refuse sedation will not be issued eye patches in the event of injury resulting from spastic movement.


Mental Preparation
PIs will be administered the following:

  • Thorough mental examination
    • Determining possession of basic knowledge and the ability to comprehend / reason
  • Aptitude tests
    • Determining skills possessed, and strengths / weaknesses of personality / physicality
  • Instructions for living in Bastion City, including:
    • Contact information for assigned Social Administrator (SA)
    • Living assignment
    • Working assignment***
    • Welcome Packet

***As determined by the perfect intersection of the individual’s specialty / utility and necessity to the city. Regardless of your role in the overall immigration process, please remind all PIs that they are lucky to have made it as far as they have. Understand that to many this may be a somewhat strenuous process, given that they have yet to experience the quality of life in Bastion City and may therefore not understand the necessity of strenuous standards for those who make it their home. Make your standard words as PIs leave your care: “You are one step closer to paradise.”

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