Day 68 – The Playlist

Hey, Jean –
You asked me like forever ago to burn you that mix I was listening to, and I guess it took me a while because I made some tweaks to it. Just threw in some stuff that I thought you’d like (because you said you really liked that one nineties song, I think). Anyway, here’s just some details I thought would be cool to have.

“Blood is the Loneliest Color” – Ünchayned
I know everybody thinks they’re a really cheesy eighties band, but after they were sort of past their fifteen minutes, they started really delving into what it means to want something and not have it. This track wasn’t ever a single, because it’s so hard to take seriously (especially with the name), but there’s something serious there.

“Remember Me (Next Year)” – Leslie And…
Sort of the opposite of Ünchayned, but still in that eighties mold. Leslie Ricard was this tortured English soul who could never find the popularity of his contemporaries (which just made him more tortured). Here he tried to get back into that mindset of the high school love that seems doomed when the couple goes their separate ways after graduation.

“Season of the Storm” – Slat Mountain
This was that song you said you liked. It’s grunge but not too grunge-y, because instead of sort of wallowing in his own sense of disenfranchisement, Marcus Perry decides with this track to look forward to the craziness that’s coming and let it take him where it will.

“I’m Floating (Oh My)” – Elle and the Vondrelles
I don’t know how you feel about oldies, but this is one of the classics of that transition between big band jazz and doo-wop, where you still have this gigantic voice (showing the expansiveness of love), paired with the pop-iness of the backup singers who make it fun.

“Hath Telekinesis” – Trillium Punch
I had to sneak a new one in, from a local band. Something about the song just reminded me of you. If you ever wanted to go see these guys play, I could probably get you in.

Let me know what you liked and didn’t, and maybe the next one will be even better.
– Scott

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