Day 60 – The Bunker

I have to get safe. I have to get away. I have to – the doors are closing! No, let me in! Run. I’ve run all this way. It’s right there. Have to run. Make it in, make it in, I’m in. I’m safe. The doors are closing. I’m safe. I made it.
What’s happening? There were explosions. I was in the coffee shop, and there were – the street outside blew up. Sirens. It was so loud, and the guy in the shop said to get underground. Take cover. Run. Everyone ran away, through the streets. The streets blew up. I ran to the subway. Had to get underground. I saw the guy. He said there were bunkers, like from wars. This is like a war. It is a war. Explosions.
Those things outside. In the air. They looked just like the movies. This can’t be happening. Old movies. It’s like a bad dream. This isn’t real.
This is real. This is real, and it’s happening, and it’s happening right now. Wake up, Claire. This is happening, and you have to do something. There are other people freaking out, and you can’t be one of them.
Other people. How many in here? Twenty? Thirty? Like the size of a classroom of kids. Oh, God, kids. Were any kids hurt? There are … two in here. They’re okay. They’re with their parents. Parents. Are my parents okay? Is Lincoln?
Phone. Where’s my phone? Purse, purse, purse, phone. No signal. Medium battery, no signal. Everyone else is the same. No signal. Too far underground, I guess. Which is good. That’s good for me. But what about the people who aren’t here? What about Lincoln? He’s got to find a place like this.
No. I’ve got to get out. Not now, not right now. Don’t panic. But I can’t stay here. We can’t. There’s nothing to live on. Will we run out of air? If we need to eat, what is there? Will we start – No. Don’t think that. Never think that. Just think calmly. Slow down. Wait till there’s no thunder above us anymore. Wait a day. Then go see what happened. Be careful. Be smart. Don’t panic.

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