Day 36 – The Wandering Knight

The Wandering Knight landed on the green planet and began refueling his horse as he sipped from a platinum river. Seeing a figure approaching, he stood.

On the other side of the river, a knight in green stopped with raised banner. “I am the z-ray eyed Gamma Knight,” he announced. “Keeper of the Fusion Blade, and protector of these lands. Who are you, and what is your purpose here?”

The Wandering Knight bowed, saying, “I am a knight without name or homeworld, till such time as I can find the stolen Atomic Diadem, which will prove the right of the one true Solar Empress, Alia Sophos, to the throne. Can you afford me rest and blessing to continue in my search?”

The Gamma Knight huffed. “You shall have neither while I am insulted. Do you think my protection of this planet so poor that I would allow a thief safe harbor? Prove your quest’s honor through combat.”

“I promise you,” said the Wandering Knight, holding out his palms, “you shall not like the result of such an altercation.”

“Surely if you say so unarmed, you have not heard of the Fusion Blade, forged at the birth of a star, whose edge cuts atoms,” laughed the Gamma Knight, drawing his weapon.

The Gamma Knight thrust forward then, but by the time his arm was extended, the Wandering Knight had leapt over it, wrenching the Gamma Knight’s hand from its wrist, and struck the Gamma Knight from his feet, pinning him to the ground by sitting on his chest.

As the Wandering Knight unscrewed his opponent’s helmet and unlatched his own glowing gauntlets, horror crossed the Gamma Knight’s face. “You are he. The knight with the Negative Touch, which cuts both forward in space and backward in time. I recant my challenge! Leave me and this planet in peace!”

“I warned you,” said the Wandering Knight, “but you bound us to this outcome. By prevailing in combat, I prove my quest’s honor.”

With that he pressed his sun white hands on the Gamma Knight’s face, who ceased to have ever been. Reattaching his gloves, the Wandering Knight pointed his horse toward another star and rode on.

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