Day 14 – The Sex Tape

What Samantha really needed was for someone to leak her sex tape. That’s how everybody made it these days as a model. It showed the world that she could handle being on camera, and when she dealt flawlessly with the devastation of having her private life made public, it showed she could handle being in the spotlight off camera, too. It was the perfect plan.

But first she needed to make a sex tape. There were lots of factors to consider.

1)                  Who would be her partner? You can’t have just any guy co-star with you. If he wasn’t famous – and obviously Samantha would prefer he be famous – then he at least needed to be extremely attractive. But he couldn’t outshine her on screen.

2)                  Would they be in a relationship at the time the film was shot? She didn’t want to look like a floozy, but she also wanted to be seen as capable of making good choices. While some might criticize her decision-making abilities if he ended up being a complete idiot, looking mature in comparison had its advantages, too.

3)                  What style of video would it be? POV or static camera? Samantha knew better than to shoot in nightvision – that was done. But would it be in a dimly lit hotel room, or a sumptuous living room? She was shying away from shooting outdoors, because that’s just tacky. Unless it was at the pool. Well, she could always shoot a couple of versions and see what turned out best.

After planning for months, weighing all the options, finally everything was perfect. She started being seen with a D-list, former child actor – people love seeing how child prodigies have fallen apart in middle age – and they rented a gorgeous suite. She decided to shoot most of it in the shower, since that hadn’t been seen a million times.

The big night came and went, and Samantha excitedly turned on the camera to review her work. A blinking message informed her that there was no internal memory left. She’d forgotten to delete her pictures to make room for recording the tape! Total blonde moment. Wait, should she go blonde?

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