Day 11 – The Bot

This chick seemed pretty normal. Okay, maybe not normal. She was hot, so Andrew wondered about that. Why would she have messaged him in the first place?

Now, what’s probably your first reaction was Andrew’s: this is a scam. Everybody gets folders full of messages that use broken English and offer nude pictures or promise loads of cash. Everybody knows not to click those. But this one seemed different.

Andrew checked up on her, of course. ElizaBath00. Her profile checked out – the profile wasn’t that barebones type you see with no personal information. All the pictures seemed to be of the same girl. Her friends and interactions looked legit. She seemed real.

So he responded to her. Her English was good. And she could hold a conversation. And she would hold conversations – long, real ones – that was the crazy part. It started off with her just asking for tips on a game they both played – Archaic Blood Bath. He was a powergamer who moderated a few forums, so why wouldn’t she ask his help? But then it got personal. They really got to know each other – what they liked and disliked; what their hopes and fears were; what their family life was like. Turns out they had a lot in common – they both lived at home, since things were pretty tight right now, and their big families drove them crazy.

Andrew thought maybe she’s special. Maybe they should meet.

And they did. Sooner than he’d thought. One day he came home, and she was just there. Not quite like her pictures. A little older. More a cougar type than a sex kitten. But still just crazy hot. Great shape for her age. She squealed when he walked in the door. “Andrew! I’m so glad to meet you finally! In the flesh!” He couldn’t believe it. She was real, and she was there. At his house. Next to his family.

Well, not next to. His family was there, but suspended from the ceiling, each of them draining blood slowly into the antique bathtub at her feet.

“How about helping me out of my clothes and into the tub?”

At this point, why would he say no?

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